After doing a bit of research I was introduced to Tanisha and immediately connected with her at our first meeting. Her positive energy, warmth, and knowledge were immediately apparent. She began helping us from the beginning, advising and suggesting what to look for when meeting with an obgyn and her experience with different twin deliveries.

Over the course of the pregnancy I was categorized as ‘high risk’ because of the mono-di twins. I felt I had an open line of communication with Tanisha as a confidant and expert in the field. Over the course of my pregnancy we changed OBs to find a practice that was open to vaginal delivery- Tanisha was available and encouraging through it all offering perspective and experience.


When meeting with Tanisha for prenatal visits we laid out labor preferences and talked through the different scenarios of delivering in a hospital setting. She took the time to explain what I might expect laboring with twins and was supportive of my confidence to deliver safely/vaginally. During these meetings Tanisha offered massage techniques, breathing exercises, and even day to day posture to help ease the discomforts of pregnancy.


After eight hours of labor at home, Tanisha met us in triage and helped get set up in the labor room. Tanisha knew how to communicate with the nurses at Mt.Sinai West and seamlessly integrated herself in to that setting. She helped me breathe and focus through contractions, suggested different positions to labor in, helped me to the bathroom (full disclosure!) Tanisha calmly and knowledgably spoke with my husband and I about introducing Pitocin and an Epidural after eighteen hours of labor with limited dilation. She helped me think through these decisions amidst labor pains.


Once fully dilated, Tanisha was right there during delivery coaching and helping me keep focus on pushing. In such an intimate time it felt like Tanisha was a member of our new family.


The birth of my baby girls was the best day of my life- I attribute much of this to Tanisha's work (and my husband!) during labor. She was a godsend, a total beam of light, a steady hand, a steady voice. I can't say enough positive about Tanisha. If I had another opportunity to work with her in the future I would!

Molly Yestadt

Twin Birth

I wasn't sure I wanted a doula, but my OBs recommended it so I started halfheartedly looking around. I knew right away that Tanisha was the one! She guided me through a long early labor at home and an in-hospital VBAC like the seasoned professional that she is. Tanisha was great with my husband and toddler daughter, and communication/scheduling was also great. I would recommend Tanisha to anyone and plan to hire her again for my next birth. 

Posted 1/31/2018

Pamela Hobart

Successful VBAC with Village Obstetrics Mt. Sinai East

I was very happy with my experience with Tanisha as my doula. She helped me all the way through my little bit complicated birth. On the labor day, she was there with me and prepared me for the birth with massages and breathing techniques. I felt very secure and relaxed around her. She is very professional and friendly therefore, I was very comforting to work with her. She was helpfull after the birth as well. She helped me with breastfeeding.

once again, I wish to thank Tanisha for all of her hard work and help. She was also very helpful with my family as I am not from America. Explaining things to them and my husband. 


All the best,

Posted 1/17/2018

Zeynep Cengiz

Mt. Sinai East with Village Obstetrics

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From the very beginning, we connected with Tanisha's easy-going energy and vibe. The pre-natal visits were relaxed and informative with plenty of useful information that she provided for us to help us best prepare for not only labor and delivery, but for things to come after that (ie bonding with baby, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery, etc). During labor and delivery, Tanisha was invaluable, not only supporting myself but also my husband as we became parents for the first time. My labor ended up being very different from what I had preferred and imagined for myself, and also quite long.  Through it all, Tanisha's energy level never faltered and her dedication to us was unwavering. 

It really helped to have her years of experience and knowledge along for the journey.  We would HIGHLY recommend her to any expecting parents! 

PS: Also awesome that she does placenta encapsulation too! 

Posted 11/7/2017

Anh Truong

Mt. Sinai West

We felt Tanisha was the right person to join us in our journey right away. My partner and I felt so comfortable sharing anything with her from the first interview. Every prenatal was very pleasant and filled with ideas, useful tips and information.Tanisha helped us go thru every preference and possibility for our labor with love and lots of humor. Her advise in diet and teas, and tips for a healthy pregnancy was very valuable. She kept a me in check with my diet and water intake, my emotions and replied in detail and promtly to all our correspondence. It was so reassuring to hear back from her so soon and always very affectionate! At the end, with some unpredictable complications during labor, her presence was wonderful, she helped us think our possibilities in a very impartial and respectful manner. We are so happy to have met her and shared all that time with her. Postnatal visit was also invaluable with lactation and postpartum recovery. We and our little boy Wyatt hope to keep in touch with her forever! <3 Thank you Tanisha!

Posted 10/3/2017

Silvina Arismendi

Methodist Hospital

My wife and I had a fantastic experience with Tanisha.  She offers a meeting before the due date to allow for a discussion about the birth plan but the highlight of our time with Tanisha was obviously the day my wife gave birth. She was extremely relaxing to have around and got along really well with all the doctors, nurses and us. Tanisha was a calming presence during the entire labor and birth and was such an asset to both of us. Whether it be talking through various stages of labor, endlessly massaging my wife, or encouragement as the birth approached, she was in control every step of the way. In fact, our doctor enjoyed working with her so much that she asked for her contact details after the birth and wanted to put her on their website. I have no hesitation recommending Tanisha to anyone Going through the process. 

Posted 11/24/2016

Jesse Ro - Husband

2nd baby- Mt. Sinai East

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“A real pleasure to have her during delivery and labor. Excellent team work.” Alexander M., MD. Montefiore Hospital

“Tanisha helped me to have a great birth experience. I'm very thankful to have her help before and during labor and delivery”. Lisa P. ( Twin Mom)