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Just for you doula located in Manhattan Harlem. Birth & Postpartum Doula
Just For You Doula Philosophy

This is your body, your birth, and your journey. With over 20 years of experience, Just For You Doula can help assist you in your journey to make sure that your birth experience is just that: yours.  Sacred, safe, and private. Birthing a child is a beautiful, powerful, and a life-changing experience.


Because this is your journey, Just For You Doula will work with you to help you accomplish your goal which is to have a baby, however, that happens for you and your family. We will help with information, resources, and support that will enable you to make informed decisions regarding pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.


It is the right of every birthing person to have the birth experience of their choice and to be able to make well-informed decisions for their baby and family. Every birthing person has the right to the birth that they desire, and hiring Just For You Doula is the first step to investing in that birth.



About Me

Hello, My name is Tanisha Evans-Marin CD, PCD(DONA). I am a native New Yorker. A mother, a wife, and in my line of work I seek to empower women. I have three beautiful children - one daughter and two sons. I love being a mother and helping mothers in their new role. When I viewed my first birth, I was truly in awe of the experience. I have a true passion for what I do and even before I became a doula, I served a doula-like role to both family and friends dating back to 1997. I am the founder and owner of Just For You Doula.


While I did not have a doula for any of my birthing experiences (I had not heard of them at the time), I cannot help but imagine the added peace of mind that having one would have provided. The powerful realization of what a doula does and the role she can play in the birthing process eventually led me down the path toward becoming one. I have now been able to witness first-hand the difference it makes when a laboring mom has a doula.


I want to provide the best possible birth experience for the women I serve. My goal is to nurture, inform and provide a safe, loving space for women. 


I am a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, hoping to normalize birth. I want to educate, empower and build confidence in my mamas and their ability to trust their bodies to birth their babies.

I am also a Certified Lactation Counselor. Having breastfed all three of my children, the youngest for two years exclusively, I feel the need to help new breastfeeding moms find their way in this breast is the best world.

Just For You Doula Mission

The mission of Just For You Doula is to support expecting and new families in their maternity and birth choices. Our goal is to help make your transition into parenthood smoother by providing non-judgmental maternity, birth and postpartum services that are skill-,knowledge- and evidence based. 




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