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Mother Roasting


“Mother Roasting” is a term used to describe a variety of warming care rituals done to the mother after birth and during the postpartum transition. In most cultures it is important to keep the mother warm as she eases into motherhood. This takes different forms in various cultures. In Malaysia, a massage is given with a special stone that is heated on the fire, wrapped in a cloth and placed on the abdomen. In Thailand, the fire was at the mother's bedside, where she would lie day and night rotating her body every half an hour. In the Hopi Indian culture in Arizona, the mother was rested on top of a heated bed of sand and a sheepskin, and then covered well. 


As mothers our bodies have nourished and sustained the creation of new life for ten months. It can take that same amount of time for us to return to a sense of normalcy in our bodies.


Binding helps to support the back, improve breastfeeding posture, close the diastasis abdominal muscles that separate during pregnancy to accommodate the expanding womb, supports the tendons and round ligaments that are still loose with relaxin hormone, and helps the belly return to the pre-pregnancy state. Binding also keeps the core warm which warms the chi that is deficient in the mother after birth according to Chinese medicine.


I feel the need to share the things I have learned as a woman and mother myself. Mother to mother we can help nourish and empower one another as our ancestors before us did.

Mother roasting can make a great gift for your loved one!



Mother Roating Services worth considering:















Bengkung Belly Binding 

(Binding can be performed 2-3 days postpartum after a vaginal birth and 2-3 weeks (or when sutures have healed) after a c-birth)


Firming Paste (added to your binding to increase the heating and tightening effects of the bind)

The firming paste is always made with 100% natural ingredients.


Preparing a Mommy Plan 

(focusing on the recovery and well being

of a mother immediately after childbirth)

Rebozo Massage 


Ceremonial Sealing Baths 

Nourishing Warm Food & Teas (prepared in your home)



Tomato Soup



Mamma Tea & Infusion

Sweetwater Lactation Tea

Mama's Happy Tea


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